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Dedicated teams

The NAG OIL Dedicated Team service provides you highly skilled technology and development resources for all organizational levels to meet your business requirements and objectives. NAG OIL works with a carefully selected team members, establish key performance indicators and define a quality assurance plan for continuous evaluation, needs assessment and client satisfaction.

Whether it’s to augment your current team with a specific skill set or to create a customized, fully dedicated outsourced technology team, NAG OIL has a bench of experts for every stage of the development life-cycle. These experts act as an extension of your in-house team, working only for you and under your company guidelines and policies.

Competitive edge

Always stay one step ahead of your competition with the ability to quickly retain hard-to-find skill sets trained in the latest innovative technologies with NAG OIL.

Achieve better results through:

• Little or no downtime due to the search and hiring process
• Instant access to top industry talent
• Reducing overhead costs by using skillets only when needed

Relationship driven partnership

We created the NAG OIL Agile Business Framework™ because we believe that long-lasting relationships create better products and overall value for our clients. It’s a partnership built on trust and collaboration. That is why the NAG OIL Dedicated Team is different and creates value with the following benefits:

• Optimize your in-house team by augmenting with hard-to-find skillets
• Scale your NAG OIL team members as needed
• Tailor skillets specific to your requirements
• Change skillets as needed
• On-site co-location option for any NAG OIL team member

We develop new structural materials, dispersions, functional materials as well as organic and inorganic additives for a wide range of customers from the automotive, construction, packaging, coatings, home & personal care, pharmaceutical, water and wind industry. The stronger presence in Bangladesh creates new opportunities for building up and expanding customer relationships and scientific cooperation as well as for gaining access to talented employees.

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