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CNG engine oil

CNG Engine Oil (20w50 API CD/SF):

Unit 20w50 engine oils are heavy duty engine oil, meeting API: SF/CD performance requirements. It s specially developed for vehicles operating on CNG/Petrol & Diesel engines.

Due to excellent oxidation and nitration resistance, it extends oil drain interval thus reducing operating cost.

Multigrade Engine Oil (20w40 API SC/CC):

Multigrade Engine Oil (20w40 API SC/CC) API SC/CC high quality performance multigrade engine oils, meeting API: SC/CC performance requirements, formulated from selected base oils and additives, to suit petrol and diesel engines.


• Viscosity suitable for wide range temperatures and different engines.
• High performance features, keeps engine clean and minimizes maintenance cost.
• Good anticorrosive, anti-wear, antirust and anti-oxidation properties.
• Reduced exhaust emission due to high detergency.
• Increased oil drain period due to good dispersant properties.
• Lower oil consumption and increased fuel efficiency.
Tractor Engine Oil (20w40 API CF4): Unit Tractor Engine Oil (20w40 API CF4) is multi grade engine oils, meeting API: CF performance requirements, specially formulated work for use in tractor engines, operating under severe torque and load.

• High viscosity index of oil enables, operation of engine in extreme temperatures.
• Easy cranking and quick starting at low temperatures.
• Good anti corrosion, antirust, anti oxidation and anti wear properties.
• Reduces oil consumption and keeps engine clean from sludge.
• Increased oil drain interval and fuel efficiency.
High Performance Ultra 2 Cycle Engine Oil, 6 Pack: Ultra lubricating qualities that are superior to other 2-cycle engine oils. This fully synthetic oil is also highly biodegradable
• 2-Cycle engine oil , Makes 2.5 Gallons
• Fully synthetic oil specially suited for high performance chain saws and power tools
• Outstanding engine cleaning characteristics

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